Windows Game Hacking with Ghidra and Cheat Engine

We are going to learn basic game hacking on Windows with Cheat Engine and Ghidra.

Pwn Adventure 3 Playlist:

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30 thoughts on “Windows Game Hacking with Ghidra and Cheat Engine”

  1. @liveoverflow You can try analyzing how online game hacks work (like on the popular games out there) and make a vid. on how it is done and the security measures taken on that…

  2. Your PSA in this video is meaningless and you know it. Many game hackers are looking to do this for $$$ and to sell the ability to others to gain a competitive advantage in online gaming. Saying that is not so is just delusional. I do not condone nor encourage this. Merely stating the truth.

  3. Isn't it simpler to get a job developing games first? That way, you don't have to play "trial and error" for every single variable in a PC game.

  4. Me, as he finds the memory address for the inventory slot: hmm, seems interesting, we can use this to possibly rapid spam weapons…

    Live: opens up "what accesses this address"

    Me: Oh, that's interesting! You can actually use this to modify weapons, I never thought about that!

    Live: finds out everything about the player in memory regions

    me: 0-o

  5. failure enabling speedhack. (DLL injection failed): Error in line 13(call_dlopen) : This instruction can't be cpmpiled. Plzzz help me fixes


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