Video Games That Went Way Too Far

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Video games have certainly attracted more than their fair share of controversy over the past few decades. But while most gamers simply shrug it off, once in awhile the critics may actually have a point. Here’s a look at some video games that went way, way too far…

Custer’s Revenge | 0:23
Grand Theft Auto V | 0:55
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | 1:31
JFK: Reloaded | 2:15
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 | 2:51
Mario Teaches Typing | 3:51

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20 thoughts on “Video Games That Went Way Too Far”

  1. What's up with making Mario #1? There was nothing offensive about that. It was just a shitty game. I don't get why that was even considered to be on the list in the first place

  2. idiot news reporters you understand that shooting games like call of duty aren't meant to be played by 8 year olds dumbasses

  3. that torture scene in Gta wasn't even that bad. the scene in black ops 1 with the glass shard was worse in my opinion

  4. C'mon, Cod MW2 made the game before the stupid attacks on airports and other places. How is the story any worse than gazillion Bank robbery games where you can shoot everyone? Just because the word "terrorist" is mentioned there probably… and everyone goes nuts.


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