The cancelled open-world Superman game… is raising fans hope for new game

Recent news gives super-hero games fans some hope of a Superman Open-World game happening in the near future, and hopefully by Rocksteady. Warner Bros has been cancelling 2 Superman games but it seems they’re still looking OR have found a developer for a new one. Would you like to see a new Superman game? Let me know!


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32 thoughts on “The cancelled open-world Superman game… is raising fans hope for new game”

  1. In order to make a truly great Superman game, the open world aspect would have to be so vast that it would literally have to be an Open Galaxy type game, meaning Superman can literally fly into space and from the Sun to the edge of the galaxy. It would have to be similar to DBZ Budokai 3 when you play story mode and can fly all across the map

  2. The Superman game would look good. I'm sorry he's not. The truth is that whether it's a movie or a game, someone has to ruin it. Superman's stories have not been well filmed according to comics for our time. There is also Injustice and good amos or Superman retungs. It's a game, but there's nothing to make it a successful game.

  3. yeah its been such a longtime since the last superman game. we really need a new superman game now. i mean its gonna be so much fun flying around in metropolis or maybe they can add smallvile to it, free roaming as clark/superman and you need to change in a phone booth(for the classic), and for the side mission you can save a plane from accident, save a building on fire, or maybe to add more fun maybe they can make superman saving a cat from tree(just for fun u know).

  4. Most of the video game characters we play as are overpowered killing machines, god like protagonists whose victory is virtually inevitable so long as you keep playing. We mow down hoards of bad guys then struggle with a boss for a bit then repeat that until credits roll. Seems to me superman translates perfectly to a video game. I would say he is a character uniquely suited for video games. Throw in some puzzles, timers & forced choices is all you need between the flying, blasting & punching robots & aliens with supervillains as bosses. God of War is a perfect example.

  5. To me, if you're gonna make a Superman game, it should reflect his entire reputation. 1. His youth 2. His Beginning 3. His Prime 4. His Expansion 5. His Fall

    It should be done in sections. Open world, but limited to key points based on the story.

    First chapter: Smallville. A tutorial that shows you how the functions of Superman work. Flying, Running, Strength. You explore all of Smallville, meeting several characters and side missions that help you understand the story and gameplay.

    Second Chapter: Fortress of Solitude. Here it is a menu/save-point. Similar to the Batcave in Arkham Origins. Here you can train, or go to different locations around the world. Giving the illusion of Open World, but in reality, its just chapters in the game with huge maps.

    Third Chapter: Metropolis. Here is the main section of the game. A huge map like in Spiderman or Batman. Here you learn new powers like Laser Vision and Hearing things from a distance. You start off small, saving citizens from threats instantly. You meet new characters like Lois Lane and the daily planet, as well as several citizens.

    Side missions include: Trains going haywire. Several thugs robbing banks. Bomb threats. It gives you basic side mission stories. There are also side missions of locating lost people, saving people from sudden accidents, disguised as Clark Kent to uncover information you can't learn as Superman. Side missions include plots involving Toy Man, Prankster, Bruno, Hamilton exc.

    After a time. Your first main villain is revealed. Lex Luthor! He believes you are a threat rather than a hero and wants to test you. He begins causing several crimes that make you have to save the people. But also make serious decisions deciding whether you save someone important, or save someone you care about.

    He sends several villains at you to fight

    Bosses in order of potential appearance.
    Toy man: Partially responsible for several crimes in the city. More like a joke boss battle to introduce you to fight mode, and learn the basics
    Metallo: First real boss fight that makes you vulnerable to attacks and at points slows you down with Kryptonite. Introduces you to Lex Luthor.
    Parasite: Like Metallo, unleashes several weakness against you that slow you down and make you vulnerable.
    Toy man 2: More prepared and more dangerous to you and townsfolk.
    Lex Luthor: In a super suit that uses all you've learned so far involving weakness, super powers, and saving folks.

    Lex Luthor escapes while unleashing a nuclear bomb that makes you choose between saving Lois or the city from doom. Its a trick, the bomb heading to Lois is a dud. But it makes your first choice in deciding what kind of Superman you are.

    Chapter Four: Outer Space villains. You are introduced to Eradicator who at first is a villain. You have a boss battle that shows how yours powers don't work on him and you learn new ways to defeat enemies. He reveals that other villains are watching you and will come. You begin to seek out people like you. Your first big boss is Zod. He comes with an army that makes your side missions harder and more challanging. Zod is a reflection of Eradicator but more difficult. Lex watches from afar.

    Chapter 5: You meet the Justice League in individual side missions fighting bosses from previous chapters. New bosses like Grundy, Cyborg Superman, Lobo, Livewire, Starro. Each hero you meet introduces you to a villain reflecting them in some way and shows you new skills and team attacks. Lex Luthor joins your side to fight the main villain.

    The main villain boss would be Darkseid involving everything you've learned so far. Bosses being tied to Darkseid's army like Stepenwolf.

    Chapter 6: Doomsday. It is its own separate chapter where he of course dies.

    DLC: Mr.Mxyzptlk, Brainiac, Bizzarro, Shazam vs Black Adam exc.

  6. Far as I know, WB are too chicken to do a Superman open world game.

    If they do, I want Tim Daily to voice the Man of Steel.

  7. Creators are over thinking this….Superman does have so much infinite potential, which potential gives infinite chances of creativity

  8. It's Not Raising hope it's pissing me off W.B. Are Complete idiots Superman Returns is a good Superman Game On XBOX 360 That's a Solid Foundation build on that with a better Story more Skins And more Bad ass Villains Collectibles and the Ability to actually visit the fortress of Solitude job Done pay me

  9. the Arkham franchise is a historical game changer but im tired of just batman …its been four going on possibly five batman games in the last decade…i want a superman or justice league game ..Marvel has spiderman ps4 and the upcoming Avengers game featuring powerhouses like Thor and Hulk so DC/WB has no excuse for saying a superman based game is too difficult due too him being OP

  10. Warner Bros will always cancel games that require for them to invest more in the making of the game without having a guaranteed return on their investment. Cheap-skates.


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