Talking About Your Job in English – Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about your job in English. Where do you work? What do you have to do in your job? What kind of company do you work for? In this class, you can learn how to answer questions when talking about your job in English. Prepare for a job interview, or improve your speaking with an English teacher. Learn how:

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1. Introducing Your Job 0:28
2. Describing Your Company 2:11
3. How to Describe Your Job in More Detail 4:22
4. Saying How You Feel about Your Job 5:52
5. How to Make a Longer Answer 8:13

This lesson will help you:

– Learn how to describe your job position in English.
– Talk about the department you work in.
– Learn how to say where you work.
– Describe your job in more detail by talking about the company you work for.
– Talk about your job in more detail.
– Explain your job responsibilities and what you do at work.
– Learn useful English phrases to say what you like or don’t like about your job.
– Put more details into your answer so you can make a longer answer about your job in English.
– Prepare for an interview or exam where you have to talk about your job in English.

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A big thank you to the Alphabet translation team from Syria for the Arabic captions!


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33 thoughts on “Talking About Your Job in English – Spoken English Lesson”

  1. I'm teacher. I have to teach students mathematics and make sure to become mathematicians. I'm responsible for four class which aproxmitly consist 200 students. Most of my time a spent teaching that young students, it's exhausting work bu also it's a stimulating and creative work because you produce a good generation to the society. I'm very happy to be a teacher.

    Thanks you for your helping

  2. Hi teachers, thanks for your online lesson. Below is my respond for my job.
    I am a sales support. I work for a foreign company. I work in export and import apartment, which sell all kind of steel from foreign to Viet Nam. I have to manage customer's documents and update the status of goods to customer. I spend most of my time talking and sending email to customer and my partner. Esspecially, when the cargo ready to be shipped, i usually remind my partner to send documents and update the vessel. Then, i forward to customer. When the cargo arrive Viet Nam port, i support customer to work to shipping agent in Viet Nam for releasing cargo. In some case, the customer complain about the quanlity of goods. But after these cases, i learn some useful thing that need to study and improve my communication and negotiation skill. So, I think my job is sastifying but it is a little mind-numbing.

  3. i am a teacher.i work for one of the leading educational institution run by the government of kerala that undertake both UG and PG Engineering degree courses.Being a teacher i have to conduct both online and offline classes and facilitate my students with the study materials they require.i spent most of my time thinking about how i can make different resources fit together into a lesson.i am responsible for preparing lesson plans and laboratory activities for the course i am in charge off. though it is very challenging ,i find it very creative and satisfying because it builds up my knowledge and creativity.

  4. I am a marketer. I have to create new ideas for companies brands , desing strategies plans and keep a record for the results. Most of the time i spend in making brief with the clients and understanding their problems. it a very creative and stimulationg work.

  5. Thank you for a very useful and benefit lesson..
    I'm a fashion designer, I work in an atelier. I work for a Russian lady . I have to be creative and patient in the same time. However , I'm responsible for the garments that I've to make it accurate and delicate so, everything must fit together. It's stimulating work. Most of my time is spent making and creating the gorgeous and unique garments for special customers. Eventhough it's very exhausting job, it's challenging , satisfying and rewarding job …

  6. Thanks for those useful videos. I am getting a lot out of it.
    I work as an tour guide for a local tourism company which provides services like motorbike tours and rental bike in Ha Giang.

    I have to look after my customers. When I am on tour, I introduce the infomation about places, heritages and culture of local life, make them happy because they would like to get knowledge about how locals live and they wanna relax. Futhermore, I have to take care of them like, accomadition, food, bike, etc. Also when I am not on the loop, I am responsible for rental bike, give advices for customer, check the bike condition, and give instruction how to ride a bike and so on.
    My job is stimulating, fantastic. I could see so many beautiful landscapes, enjoy time with local people. Especially, when I see customers smile, they feel happy make me happy. but it can be exhausting and dangerous because I have to spent 3-4 days on the road riding all day long and accident can occur at anytime if I have a distraction moment . Finally i love it, I love my job.
    And welcome to my part of the world, Ha Giang and you'll never regret.

  7. I'm a barista. I work for caffe nero which is a coffee shop franchise based in the UK. I have worked here since January. Sadly, my store was closed from the end of March until now due to corona virus. Previously, I worked in the other coffee shop in Korea for 6 months to learn how to make coffees and save money.

    I'm responsible for making the best coffee all the time. Most of my time is spent making cups of coffee and cleaning the store. My store is only for take away so it's quite nice because I don't have to wash dishes that much.

    I like my job. I like my customers and collegues. I like caffe nero culture. They are concentrate on traing their employee. One day, I was invited to the headoffice to have a meeting. Also, I'm bored sometimes. It's not stimulating actually because I always make same things. I want to make my own falt white if I go back to work.

  8. A long time I was working for printed newspapers and news websites. But since six years ago, I decided change my field of work and dedicate my time to plant vegetables. It has been a difficult road but now I can say that I am a horticulturist. I like too much learn about the crops everyday, work under the sun, enjoying the birds company, and the sound and the sensation of the wind. Also, in my garden everything is natural because we do not use chemical products and for that reason our clients appreciate our work.
    (thanks for reading and thanks to the channel for the lesson)

  9. I’m a sales officer. I worked for an MNC, named SC Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd. which sales Household Pest Control, Home care, Air care and Shoe care Products. I have to monitor Sales and Distribution operation in an assigned territory. I’m responsible for grow volume, revenue and market share by developing existing accounts and securing the new accounts in an assigned territory. I transform a better performing team by training and coaching for developing the market. Most of my time is spent working with field force in the market for generating secondary and providing on job training. It’s stimulating work because sales is all about helping people to achieve their goal and solve their problems by introducing company’s product and services to them. So, I would love to work for getting this chairman felling of being useful to people.

  10. I’m a technician ,I work for international company which is supply materials for power plants services.i have some technicians which should prepare all their task every day and all another requirement to commence and complete the jobs with zero EHS accidence and high quality so in each task we have new challenges .

  11. I'm a house wife ,I don't have a job. I have look after my mum because she is poly and old. I am looking a job because i can't speak English. I am watching your videos and learn English. I am trying to make sentence . If it's wrong please explain me. Thank you.

  12. Guys, you are amazing!!! I discovered this channel yesterday afternoon and your advice are the best.Thank you so much!

  13. I'm a salesman. I work for a security company based in HK. I have to contact customers, give them advice and place orders for them. I'm responsible for hundreds of clients. Most of my time is spent talking to clients and making deals. It's stimulating work because I have to talk to many different people and give them best advice, it is challenging but rewarding.

  14. I am a Chinese language teacher. I started my own small Chinese center in Mongolia. So I am also a business owner. I have to work as a teacher of course, giving advice to my students on how to study in China,, and teaching how to learn Chinese language. However I am also responsible for the center, So I have to manage my staff, do the accounts and so on. It is stimulating and creative work because I have to do many different things everyday. So I never get bored. And helping my students to speak Chinese fluently and pass their HSK exam is so satisfying. <3

  15. Hi…Basically I am a teacher ,working in a school. I am really proud to be a teacher.Being a teacher is not an easy .Anyhow i love my job.

  16. I'm a local area network expert, I work for Dotin company,which organize bank and ATM services. I have to create an account for internal systems and give access to other devices.However,I;m responsible for about 10-15 devices.It's stimulating work because I have to do many different things, so I never get bored.I spend most of my time thinking about how I can design a best program on excel thus, It's very challenging work.


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