Stallion Courts And Breeds Mare – Awesome Stud Behavior

April 24, 2018 – Raw herd behavior out in the pasture. The sorrel stud, Another Play, courts and breeds Blazen Gypsy Rose, one of his mares. Her poor little black colt had no idea what was happening, and ran for the hills. The old stud then proceeds to urinate over the top of his mare’s urine to cover it up so other stallions wouldn’t know she was in heat. There is a lot of great examples of stallion behavior in this video, especially with his excessive use of the Flehman’s response. Feature Blazen, the other gray mare, looks on with her fancy sorrel filly. Please excuse the commentary, it’s just a couple college kids watching some horses go at it from 10 feet away. Not something you see every day when you pasture breed horses.


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