SpongeBob has a Gun?! NEW SpongeBob Horror game [KRUSTY ZOMBIES]

Welcome to the Alpha Version of a brand new SPONGEBOB HORROR game called KRUSTY ZOMBIES! In this game we’re playing as SpongeBob SquarePants himself in first person and the gameplay feels very similar to Call of Duty Zombie Mode! We’re running around the Krusty Krab defeating Zombies, unlocking doors and buying weapons just like in the real game. However, since this is is an Alpha there’s really not too much to it – I’d love to see some updates such as new weapons, locations and multiplayer in the future!
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Luigikid Gaming is an Austrian Let’s Player that is best known for his hilarious .exe game videos such as Sonic.exe and his LUIGIKID REACTS Series. Furthermore, many of his Let’s Plays are on games that are related to Nintendo, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Undertale as well as random scary horror games. Subscribe today to become part of the Plumberhood!

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37 thoughts on “SpongeBob has a Gun?! NEW SpongeBob Horror game [KRUSTY ZOMBIES]”

  1. Plankton: FINDS VIDEO
    Luigikid: Like for a FREE KRABBY PATTY
    Mr. Krabs: Nooooooooo!!!! Me Krabby Patties are FREE!!
    Plankton: It’s over krabs Hahahahahaha Likes video
    Plankton: Where is my free krabby patty
    Mr. Krabs: Arg arg arg arg arg You lose again plankton!

  2. Hey luigikid if you reading this comment then it will be gratefull to me, do you remember that you playing pinkie pie cupcake party the demo version I think is 2 years ago that you played on you're videos well, there is a full version now is release this december you should play it,there are 4 ending that you can get but you have to figure it yourself on that game.

  3. Hey Luigikid!! You should really react to (SFM)Super Mario castle crashers by NDY. Seriously, that guy should really be hired by Nintendo.


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