Nightcore – For The Love Of The Game

Nightcore: For The Love Of The Game
Artist(s): Take Us To Vegas

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Anime: No Game No Life
Original Artist (Edited version): FleurDeVille –

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35 thoughts on “Nightcore – For The Love Of The Game”

  1. Talking about game… of course it'll be No Game No Life 😀 ♥
    CLICK THIS ↪ 🌟 Cherry's Official 24/7 Nightcore Radio Live Stream 🌟 : ♥

  2. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Me: casually waitng for season 2 for ngnl while losing my sanity and hope on the way

  3. vim pela musica que o yoda colocou numa das stream dele no começo,agora eu escuto ela toda hora quando vou jogar lol

  4. anyone else think this sounds like Sleeping With Sirens singer (Kellin Quinn) since its sped up or is it just me?


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