Nerd³ is Superman – Megaton Rainfall

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48 thoughts on “Nerd³ is Superman – Megaton Rainfall”

  1. “My dads a cube. I mean duh”
    Now I’m picturing a super hero flying by just screaming “YEEEEEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

  2. Funny thing is if this thing can control time it can just reverse it before all these people died, then go murder the aliens before they even got to Earth.

  3. If I were to grab the Oculus version of this game (especially with the $10 credit that just came through), would I also be able to play it in non-VR mode, like Steam allows? I would mostly be using VR, obviously, but I wonder if desktop mode is enabled in the Oculus version.

  4. Yeah you convinced me to buy it the moment you where able to go into an different galaxy and go to another planet

  5. I think one of the coolest motherfucking things is that this incredibly massive beyond-your-imaginations game is only 1.24 gb in size

  6. Soooo lil fun fact. This game now handles VR, and you can tweak it so cities health mean absolutely nothing

  7. I played on my vr today and I can't stop thinking about my size, both in significance in the universe and in physical size.

  8. I wonder what the devs were like when they were making this I mean, ‘‘tis is some pretty ambitious shit!

  9. Mate how can you even play a second of this without being crushed by the realisation of the size of the universe. This shit messes me up.

  10. Dude you sooo should have dad cubed record some sort of nonsense story for everytime he gives you a power usually ending with the words ere lick this

  11. Good news every one for everyone with a ps4 , you don't need a headset you can play it normally with a controller so…

  12. a random thought popped in my head, what if this game and Cities skylines had DLC for this where you can import Cities Skylines maps into this world and you defend those

  13. 27:50 There's something especially disturbing about that scream.
    Everything else is "generic crowd panicking" but that one was like taken from a cell phone video during a terrorist attack or something


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