Need a portable DAC headphone AMP? FiiO E18 Review

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40 thoughts on “Need a portable DAC headphone AMP? FiiO E18 Review”

  1. I am shopping for a headphone amp and wondering if they work with portable MP3 players (not just your iPhone or computer)?

  2. I want a wireless bluetooth portable DAC headphone amp – let me keep my phone on a charger and connect to it via bluetooth – – with a belt pouch and let me charge it while using it.

  3. Dedicated media buttons: play/pause, skip track forward, backwards, and also skips YouTube vids make this a nice day/amp. Those dedicated media physical buttons on the E18 are not something I've ever seen on other portable amp/DAC's.

  4. I have a Fiio E17 Alpen, it is a wonderful dac amp with more features than the one you review. I will try the E18 also.

  5. Is it posible to connect a DAC to your android via usb. and play say spotify. AND get a eq app to work ? ? ?

  6. I just got the mark II one by fiiO . . Will I notice a HUGE difference playing through my Google pixel with crossfade VModa and also Phonon smb-02? Impedance on one is 40 and the other 30… I've never used an amp before

  7. Take your portable audio experience to the next level !
    Be brave and give your viewers a with/without sound test !
    nice camera vloging test video by the way;

  8. Hi! When i connect the e18 to my LG G4 via usb mode, the bass gets waaay to strong even if the bass boost is off. I almost hear nothing but bass and the volume is really low. Even if i use an equalizer and boost the mids and highs and cut the bass of it still doesn't sound very good.. My phones are the fischer amps fa 3 xb. 3 way in ear monitors that. I just plugged the cables in without changing any of the settings of my phone (except the eq).
    Is there anything i can do about it ? I don't think thats how it should sound .. If i switch the e18 to usb mode it's much better but i guess it will damage my phone over time (don't know if that makes sense)
    Would be nice if anyone could help me! I don't want to sell it

  9. I'm confused, it seems like you only used it via AUX cable, which means you bypassed the DAC. But you mentioned some major improvements. I agree that the pushed signal is going to sound different/better anyway. Just seems like an odd omission. Kind of half a review.

  10. I Bought a Fiio E18 and used it as an amp only like HardwareCanucks did and it was a huge difference in sound quality from just plugging into my Samsung  4s. When I used the Mini USB out of my Phone to the Fiio E18 (DAC Feature) there was a lot bigger upgrade in sound than just using the Fiio E18 as an Amp. I am going to do a You Tube review on the Fiio E18 soon from an Audiophile point of view.

  11. I have Bluetooth headphones ( BLUEDIO f800 and t4). Do i need DAC? As I know Bluetooth headphones has internal dac.

  12. How is the sound quality of this versus the Q1? I mostly listen to audio from my smartphone and wonder whether the E18 or the Q1 will be worth more.

  13. Do you know if using the analog connection gives you the same wide soundstage you would get if you could use the micro usb connection? I hope so. I also hope that all you lose is the use of the side buttons and charging when connecting via analog on an iPhone.

  14. I just ordered a pair of hd650 and I was thinking about buying this FiiO e18 with them and connect them to my pc. Is that a good match for my headphones?


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