My Riding Stables – Your Horse Breeding (part 1) (Horse Game)

Create your very own stud farm! As the owner of an old horse farm you restore stables, riding hall and guest house to their previous glory. Soon your guests will be so thrilled they’ll make your farm a favorite destination for horse riding fans. In your breeding stables you take very good care of your cute foals, which spend most of their time frolicking in the fields. As soon as they are old enough you train your foals on the lunge and sell them to trustworthy horse enthusiasts.

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14 thoughts on “My Riding Stables – Your Horse Breeding (part 1) (Horse Game)”

  1. Anyone plays this on ps4? Cant win the last Race because the horse stops After a few seconds , going only very sllloooowwww…. Health , Energy is completely full…. what can i do?


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