MULTIPLE CASUALTIES! – Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 3

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42 thoughts on “MULTIPLE CASUALTIES! – Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 3”

  1. I watched some players choose to escape through the window, and Todd saves them at some point. I wonder what happens to your choice.

    I am in a marathon of all your series, without skipping the ads of course. ^o^

  2. I love the part of the game where a android pretends to be sick and also doesnt know she's an android somehow lol

  3. Hey Alaska. Now this is a cool narrative driven game. I wonder how long this game is…like how many hours worth of game play?

  4. 4:04 "a man like that cannot be reasoned with" exactly my logical thought when I saw other youtubers chose to reason with him. You don't reason with a mentally troubled drug addict.

  5. Your hair is perfect as always Alyce! I just picked up this game, and I'm watching your playthrough to see what I've missed in my playthrough. As always I enjoy your content!

  6. If you spare todd he will come back later and he tells his backstory and its actually really sad.. so i kinda feel bad for him..

  7. Damn, girl. You just went straight to where the gun was and shot Todd. That actually surprised me.
    Great content btw!

  8. That moment when Carl demanded Markus to get out, some parts of his dialogue really tells me that he still, at some degree, cares. A small moment but I must say, props to whoever worked on Carl (screenplay wise)

  9. Why Alyce… Pushing Leo back was morally a wrong move.
    The old man was telling Markus NOT to attack Leo for a specific reason – for Markus. He knew Markus would be accused if anything happened to Leo. And Leo was also not a threat since he was unarmed.

  10. I love how Alyce is just a stone faced badass as she goes straight for the gun. Savage here knows exactly what tf to do. Not the Kara we deserve, but the Kara we need.

  11. When women plays. I always feel sorry for the controller LOLJK. But you play fine. And damn you are the only player that i watched and made the chapter where connor must pressure the accused right. Even jacksepticeye made it wrong. Well played! I must subscribe

  12. These androids have terrible combat skills for an android. You'd think they'd give them those skills for things like home invasions and break ins. One can barely win a fist fight with an overweight drunk, and the other, as soon as he acts, kills the man.

  13. I hated that Kara chapter just because it's literally impossible to please Alice. She doesn't wanna sleep in the car, doesn't wanna sleep in the house, and doesn't wanna steal to get into the only place she likes. Like, I'm sorry! Would you like to sleep in the freaking rain!?

  14. Took me awhile to actually find someone who A. Finds the gun. B. Actually decides to use it instead of railroading themselves directly to the girl.

  15. I wish there was a way Kara and Alice could go and stay with Stan and Tuesday (from Beyond Two Souls)!!! They would help them.


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