[MMD] Frozen KIDS Gangnam Style! [Dancing Episode 4]

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Once again I posted Frozen Kids Video, this time for popular song Gangnam Style! Enjoy, Disney fans~

Full Credits:
Song: Gangnam Style by PSY
© YG Entertainment Inc

Video made & uploaded by animefancy (me)
All motions by Dast

Models © Disney
Modeling by Petru Neacsu

Ripped from game by 0-0-alice-0-0
Rigged for MMD by 0-0-alice-0-0 & animefancy
Baby Sven edited by animefancy
Young Hans edited wintrydrop
Disney Sceneries © Disney and Square Enix
Shared for MMD by kazuki9484, redRevolutionnaire, xXwarrior-of-lightXx
Frozen Corridor made by Katsura-chan72
Elsa’s Ice Castle made by athena205

MMEffects: Soft&HalfLightHL Shaderv2, Diffusion7, ZFog_post, Mirror_WF,
Soft Shadow, DOF, HitRain, CanonParticle, FunyaFunya_Post,
Auto Smoke, GardenFlower, Falling Effects (a lot)
by Beamman, Harigane, ChestNutScoop and (a few I forgot)

– I don’t own any materials to create this, I did rendered animations into video.
– Video as entertainment purposes, no profit.

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