Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission Walkthrough | No Casualties | + Best Ending


The complete gameplay of the Suicide Mission and the best ending you can get.
** INFO **
-Commander Jane Shepard
-Class: Infiltrator
-Paragon options
-Faithful to Ashley Williams
-Normandy upgrades: 100%
-All loyalty missions completed.
-Armor: Kestrel set(in my case,I didn’t wear the helmet. That thing is an abomination)
-Weapons: grenade launcher M-100, Widow(sniper rifle), Carnifex(pistol) and Locust(machinegun).
*Tech Specialist – Kasumi(you can chose Tali or Legion as well)
*Alt Squad Leader #1 – Garrus(Miranda is the other option)
*Biotic Specialist – Jack(the alternative is Samara)
*Alt Squad Leader #2 – Miranda(Garrus as option)
*Normandy Escort – Jacob(the squadmate you chose must have his/her loyalty mission completed).
*Final Squad – Zaeed and Miranda(loyalty missions completed or they’ll probably die).

Hope you like it!


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30 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission Walkthrough | No Casualties | + Best Ending”

  1. When it comes to Mass Effect 2 ending, the best features are these:

    Most loyal: Tali, Garrus, and Liara.

    Best defenders: Garrus, Grunt and Zaeed.

    Best Tech Pro: Legion, Kasumi and Tali.

    Best Squad Leaders: Garrus and Miranda.

    Best Biotic: Samara, Jack, Miranda and Jacob.

    Most Caring: Thane, Mordin.

  2. I’m not kidding, when they arrived and that music started playing as they saw all the wrecks and black hole, just the whole picture, I would’ve legit asked: “Commander… are we in hell?”

  3. What the fuck? Where do i get that much crew??? Do i have to have a mass effect 1 seve with a diferent ending or? Cause i only have mass effect 2 and i dont have space to recruit that many crew

  4. Suicide mission is considered one of the best ending in video game story telling history. Also the visual for the space scenes are literally amazing for its time.

  5. The music at 9:41 gavveme the chills, and i was like "Holy shit how are we going to finish up that crap" until i forgot i did upgrade the weapon system and succefully completed it with no losses, this game is a sure piece of gaming art .

  6. I have been stuck fighting the Larva at the end for about 1 year now. I completely gave up but after watching your walkthrough, I may try again.

  7. Good thing I always knew how to complete the Suicide Mission. 🙂 But I made two different decisions on the end. My Paragon Male Shepard kept the Collector Base intact and my Female Shepard destroyed it. I did it because of the different dialogues in the Mass Effect 3. 🙂

  8. Wait, Femshep with Ashley-Romance? Did you play around with mods, manipulated the save file, or was that just a bug?

  9. How did you activate the platform? I know it the button to press but THE FUCKING GAME WON'T FUCKING LET ME!!!!!

  10. My friend talked this up to be the hardest mission in the game and the whole series because in his play-through he said Garrus, Tali, Mordin, and Shepherd were the only ones to survive,he was playing on normal, I beat this on Hard and everyone was alive…go me…

  11. I wonder what was happening in the head of the collectors in their final moments when control was released. 

  12. Tia,that's the best part of being a pc gamer. The mods and things like this.
    And about Ash…well,when people look beyond the "racist bitch" title,find a very interesting character,with a good backstory. And all the things you mentioned about ME2 and ME3,Kaidan does the same,actually xD Garrus is like my brother-in-arms and Liara…well,she's Liara. No one can hate her :P
    Oh,and I dont usually put the credits in my vids. I'm too scared of a copyright strike xD

  13. Ah, I played on Xbox 360 so no such option for me. But then again, I didn't really like Ash. She looks hot in Mass Effect 3 though, but she's racist in the first game, doesn't help you in the second game, and doesn't trust you in the third (Mars) and even pulls a gun on you.

    While Garrus and Liara support you all the way.


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