Make wooden balls easy

How to turn wooden balls. How to combine both the lathe and the drill press to make wooden balls. In this woodworking video we see how to set both woodworking tools to make the wood balls using a hole saw. Turning wooden balls can be tricky, but with this trick we can get almost perfect wood balls.

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28 thoughts on “Make wooden balls easy”

  1. That drill shake stuffed it up. Also try some lubrication, the drill is chattering against the side of the wood (or cut it back ahead of time).

  2. This is very clever, but will it not stress both the machines? I want to make these but I am scared if it will ruin the machines

  3. Don't mean to sound like an arse, but wouldn't it better to simply drill a half Moon shape or of some metal and turn it into a kinda pronged tool which you push directly into the wood?

  4. I am thoroughly impressed by your ingenuity! Not to mention your fearlessness of completely cutting through the wood. I probably would've cut and sanded the last bit just for safety. And fear of injury( lol)! Great video again. If I wouldn't have already subscribed I would have after this one!


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