Luigi vs. Tails – Video Game Rap Battle

Luigi vs. Tails in this Super Mario vs. Sonic The Hedgehog Video Game Rap Battle!
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Emi Jones as Tails►
Steady Cam as Luigi
Animation by Rydos SFM►
Additional Animation by Ona►
Mixed and Mastered by Azu►
Additional Editing by Sam Connor►

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About VideoGameRapBattles
How’s it going everyone? Cam here, rapper and creator of VideoGameRapBattles. Video Game Rap Battles is a series that pits two popular gaming characters against each other in an epic rap battle. These rapping battles span from Classic Nintendo, to Modern Triple A, to Indie Horror, so be sure to suggest which gaming icon you would like to see rap in the comments! This VGRB features Tails from the game Sonic The Hedgehog rapping against Luigi Mario from the Super Mario Bros. video game series. This Tails vs. Luigi video game rap battle is a spiritual successor to my popular Mario vs. Sonic rap battle. Which sidekick will come out on top Sonic Tails or Mario Luigi?


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38 thoughts on “Luigi vs. Tails – Video Game Rap Battle”

  1. Luigi's last line could've been
    "You think you're strong? Kid please. I'll beat you you with one bash. And that's the reason why you'll never be in Smash!"

  2. You look like something I would where as a power up. Wait r u implying that if u were tails u’d be stronger. Tails win due to Luigi’s stupidity

  3. For me the winner is Luigi because he has ad adventure only for he (Luigi smansion). Tails hasn't got a game only for he


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