Leo the Truck & a crane. Cars games.

Watch our Leo the Truck cartoon & baby cartoons with cars for kids and trucks for children! Play with Leo the Truck and build a new kids’ car – a crane for kids. Cars games with trucks on our #KidsFirstTV channel. Learn vehicles for kids with #LeoTheTruck.

Leo’s Cars game! Appstore or Google Play

Big Construction for Kids – Learn to Build Machines!
If you like Trains, Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Airplanes, Aircraft, Spaceships, and Cement mixers then try our construction cartoons!

Watch Kooky the Clown learn how to rescue a car with a vehicle transporter at the car hospital!

If you like TuTiTu, BabyFirstTV, BabyTV cartoons, 3D animation and you will definitely like Crazy Clown cartoons.

Learn to draw with KidsFirstTV “Learn to Draw” videos!

Learn Colors & Shapes and Learn to Draw Animals & Insects! Learn to Build Machines & Vehicles, Learn English and Learn to Count! Educational 3D Cartoon Animations for toddlers, kids, children & preschoolers from KidsFirstTV!

The best #carcartoons and videos for kids are on #KidsFirstTV! Build cars with #leothetruck, repair cars and trucks with #doctormcwheelie, play with #excavatormax and have fun with #omnom!

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