I got BUTT/HIP injections like Kylie Jenner 💉🍑 Before and After pt.1

A ton of you guys have expressed interest in the sculptra treatment (aka butt shots or injections) to make your butt bigger and eliminate hip dips. I decided to team up with beautyfix Med Spa in NYC to do this treatment and document it for you! This is the first video and shows some results. Let me know what you think!

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26 thoughts on “I got BUTT/HIP injections like Kylie Jenner 💉🍑 Before and After pt.1”

  1. Been wanting this done for YEARS and ive always checked the prices in Toronto but fuck me over 5k! Ive just moved to London UK, and every one offers this at very good price! I cant wait!

  2. Girl in while this trend of fake butt will end and you will keep and horrible ass that is just too much so stop there


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