How To Easily Make A Game Trainer: Using Cheat Engine

This is tutorial on how to easily make a Game Trainer Using Cheat Engine. That you can share with your friends and/or the public. So they download and enjoy your cheats that you want to share with them.
Here are some useful links:

Icon Converter Site:

More Advanced trainer tutorial to show how to add buttons and allow people to input their own values (By Sethioz):

If you want my personal trainer for Bioshock Infinite, I made in the vid you can download it here:


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32 thoughts on “How To Easily Make A Game Trainer: Using Cheat Engine”

  1. the music is like the world is ending and the last thing we have to do is make a trainer so god will forgive us XDDD

  2. i tried making it said the train erhave trojan virus why would anti virus make such a thing any help i could get?

  3. Hey bro can u put lua script for watch dogs ( infinite health,items, and +16 other codes ) on mediafire link plz i want to make my own watchdogs +18 trainer
    Plz bro i found ur Channel
    helping…..👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏 pleaseeeeeeeee……

  4. How do I make a blank table/CE attach to a specific game process? Let's say I want to use "enable speedhack" option to game A. So using game B or game C table/CE will not work because it attaches to a different exe/game. I am not really sure what to search in google so I ask here in youtube instead.

  5. Press Unlike Button 👎 i am make a trainer by cheat engine and trainer is work successfully but I am restart my pc trainer is not work I am very sad can you tell me how to fix ? Trainer is not work ?

  6. How to increase infinity health by using cheat engine in the game of prince of Persia warrior within….will you please help me with this

  7. For making game trainers in Python hse GTLibPy library based on famous GTLibc.

  8. i was dreaming to make a trainer for everygame myselves with my own personal style but i was wondering if its possible… i mean my style is… instead if inf. health and inf. everything… i want to edit the number with my choices… like either has 500hp… or 2x (double) health etc…. and i was wondering if it is possible to make a trainer that way…. im not good at programming or lesser than not good… im dumb and dont have programming knowledge…. so i might seek for tips… or help… (by the way i havent watch the video as i were trying to speak out before watching it… well im watching it now…here we go…) —- (btw i know simple task of cheat engine… but i dont know how to compile it to be a trainer)

  9. Man, I'm right now hacking total overdose, but the problem is.. the stupid health bar and stamina bar is hard to find out what they are exactly. I tried Float and Double but they were not the real values. Right now Imma try 8 byte which hopefully it is. But otherwise I have hacked the height for the jump, ammo, no reload. Wish me good luck man! This game for the bar stuff is kind of hard to hack :(.


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