How to Cheat Without Cheating In Minecraft

How to use a few cheats without activating cheating in your Minecraft world.

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47 thoughts on “How to Cheat Without Cheating In Minecraft”

  1. Xbox 360/xbox one legacy tutorial world can be transferred to bedrock those worlds have all kinds of diamonds and stuff

  2. Id like to beat the game with no cheats
    But its hard to find a village near your spawn or finding a fortress near your nether portal
    I mostly use /Locate to find them
    I know its cheating
    But i just can't help it
    Sometimes you'll be unlucky to not find any of them

  3. how to get diamonds in minecraft while cheating and nit cheating at the same time: step one: create a survival world without cheats. step two: copy it and turn on cheats. step three: install x-ray. step four: right down coordinates of diamond veins. step five: go to those coordinates in the non cheats world. step six: repeat with netherite. step seven: get used to the idea you have pretty much almost beaten the game. step eight: fully beat the game.

  4. Can someone help me? I did /kick to my friend as a joke and now I don’t know how to let them join my server anymore

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  6. You could just copy the world and make it with cheats and explore it and if you find something good just find your way back to spawn point with a compass and record or memorize where it was then go back to your world with no cheats and find it.

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