(FULL COLOR) Zeke & Eren Meets Ymir in the Paths (Founder Rumbling) "Full Betrayal"English

(FULL COLOR) Zeke & Eren Meets Ymir in the Paths (Founder Rumbling) “Full Betrayal”English

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20 thoughts on “(FULL COLOR) Zeke & Eren Meets Ymir in the Paths (Founder Rumbling) "Full Betrayal"English”

  1. The editing at the end was absolutely amazing. That song is so fitting cuz Eren flipped it on Zeke so hard at the very end, and the few words of "next memory" coming from eren hit so hard. I honestly grinned at the last few panels.

  2. A while ago there is a 120 manga and had a very elegant song to itand I wonder if you're responsible for it and therefore you are what's the name of that music at the start


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