Fujifilm X10 Digicam Review | 6+ years after release

In this video I go over the Fujifilm X10 camera in detail. I try to highlight features and properties of the camera that I think are good as well as the ones that are bad. The lens and build quality are the camera’s best features, though the lens makes the camera difficult to fit in a pocket. The worst features are probably the port door, battery door, older 12mp sensor, and pointless optical viewfinder. I show sample photos from an anime conventions as well as snapshots taken in Arizona. I compare one photo where I attempted to get an equivalent focal length and exposure between the x10 and Nikon D750 for fun. I don’t think I’ll be keeping this camera, but I do have to say it’s really not that bad. I just want something smaller that can easily fit on a pocket such as the Sony RX100 series cameras.

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33 thoughts on “Fujifilm X10 Digicam Review | 6+ years after release”

  1. This was very informative. I have had this camera for a while your review… really great and the links are useful.

  2. The macro mode on this camera is fantastic for a camera of this price. I still use my X10 for work. It's a great camera.

  3. What screen capture do you use? I like the grains on the photos. . They are not ugly. I have a Lumix LX100 I bought used and I cant figure out why the grain is so ugly

  4. The 2/3 sensor being around twice the size of the kind found in most p&s cameras, and superzoom, also bigger than the 1/7 sensor found in the canon G9, G10, G11, G12, G13, etc etc.
    Combined with a fast f2.0-2.8 makes it still even today a pretty camera.
    The only better models available today are those with a 1" sensor, but you still won't get the telephoto reach unless you opt for the lumix tz100 or Later sony rx100 models, but you'll be paying around $400 plus for these.
    I've still got mine and use it all the time, can be kept in a coat pocket, the same as my Fuji x100s.
    Something which is impossible to do with my Canon 1dx mk111 or Canon 7d.
    If it broke, would I buy another, the answer is no because I've got a tz100.
    If I didn't have then I'd probably buy a used one again, as the zoom comes in Handy, something that x100 series owners are aware of.
    They aren't going to make an x100 with any type of zoom, sensor size determines lens size, and to make say a 24-75mm for an Apsc sensor would mean the lens could stick out at least 4 inches if it were of a faster type.
    That's the reason for the lx100, which I also own, which uses a crop of a m4/3 type sensor, so you end up with something inbetween a 1inch and a m4/3, allowing a fast smaller lens and a reasonably coat pocketable camera.
    But more expensive than the 1inch sensor cameras.
    So much to choose from, you end up buying stuff you rarely use, because you can only use 1 camera at a time..
    Plus you've always got your phone with you:)
    Most of my camera gear and lenses sit around doing nothing for months at a time, yet I'm always looking for something else.
    And I'm just an Amateur, I rarely even take raw files as it's too time consuming processing them.
    Hence most stuff I own, fuji x10, x100 lx100, tx100 produce superb ooc jpegs.
    And more often than not so does the canon 1dxmk3 which is a high end expensive camera.

  5. Do you think i should buy the Fujifilm X10 in year 2020? Or are there other new models on market with the same price?

  6. I found one for 180 euros. I do not know if it is a good price, knowing that the camera is in good condition. Thanks.

  7. The best feature of this camera is the leaf shutter. This means off camera flash at 1/1000th without hss. Or on camera flash at full power at 1/4000th. In the right hands this camera can still be used professionaly.

  8. I started using my old Fujifilm X10 and was pleasantly surprised with its quality. The nicest thing was using the film modes.

  9. The Fujifilm x10 was very much a niche camera when it came out that appealed to experienced photographers, who wanted a small well built camera with good image quality, good controls and an optical viewfinder. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the best from this camera but once you've got there and are comfortable with using it the X 10 is a fantastic little picture taker.

  10. funny..i kept wondering ..what in the world of photography lingo does 'salad' mean, because im not a proffessional nor an enthusiast photographer and am just thinking about going to dabble into photography. im like…what does salad mean? i kept trying to find the metaphorical sense….i googled it and everything…turns out you were jusy saying the word SOLID!!! had a good laugh at my myself.

  11. Still a very good camera even after all these years and a very charming piece of gear. I dusted it off yesterday after not having used it for 5 years and I was impressed how ahead of its time it was. Thanks for that review, I hope this camera will age to become an Hall of famer .

  12. The auto zoom as seized on my Canon G11, and is not worth repairing. I like the manuel zoom on the Fuji x10 or x20 , i think it would be less likely to seize with less auto parts . Plus the Fuji looks to be so well built, compared to latest sony or panasonic offerings. Reliability is a big factor in replacing my Cannon, so i might go for the older Fuji . That's if i can find one that hasn't had to harder life.

  13. Hi, would you recommend this camera or rx100 m3? Im not a photographer btw

    Edit – okay nvm i just got to the end of your video. Thanks!

  14. I just bought mine for $5 at the thrift store. And then purchased the battery and charger for 14.99. So for $20 I’ll take what it gives me

  15. This is a terrific review! You hit on almost every point. I bought the x10 in 2011 for $450 including an extra battery, filter and case. It's been my go-to street camera ever since. I guess I've shot over 20,000 images and have always been impressed.

    I also have an old Canon S95, which is very compact. The x10 is better. I really utilize the f2.0-2.8 lens. Very sharp and a really nice piece of glass.

  16. Man, this is exactly the review I was looking for. I have a Canon S110 which does take good pictures, but totally lacks the experience a compact like the X10 could offer. Seeing how you also used the X100F and XT20, how do you like the film simulations in the X10? Do they look good and convincing or they look too artificial?

  17. Hello. I bought this second hand Fujifilm x10 camera about 3 months ago for $300 CAD in excellent condition. It took me a certain period of time to learn the basic functions cuz I'm not used to this system and I'm not a photograph but I'm used to it and I must to say that the quality of the grain is super bad ass. Even a jackass like me with no experience in photography have been able to take high quality pictures who look very professional. I strongly recommend this camera if you find it for a good price.

  18. Maybe a idiot question, but, I found one for around 70 dollars. I've never used a camera professionally and I wanna know if you think this one is better than a digital compact one for the price.
    Or this Fujifilm offer a similar quality than a smartphone.
    Sorry for my English.

  19. Just boughht one of these and am playing around with controls.
    It's a beautiful little camera and feels really well made.
    The test photos are really good image quality.

  20. Great camera and built like a tank, I have it since 2012 and still is my go to street camera. It needs cleaning and I lost the metal lens cap. Switching it on is addictive and has been used and abused over these years. It was my first digital camera and my main reason to buy the xt2. Loving Fuji since I saw the x100 photos!

  21. What's up man! Long time. You liking your Nikon and Fujis? I've had my K-1 for over a year now and I love it. No complaints and I shoot a lot.


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