Fujifilm X-M1 – Hands-On

Fuji has slipped in a cheeky little “X” camera below the X-E1( and X-Pro 1( – is this camera right for you?

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X-Pro 1

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37 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-M1 – Hands-On”

  1. The body is magnesium. Not plastic. Wake up. That's pathetic. I've had the body for two days..the 16-50 kit for one. During that time, I can't believe how many cool features are on this camera, how detailed the images are, and how dumb I am catching up to them…that's ok, my first mirrorless. Watch the FujiGuys review of this. You won't believe it. And I don't hit a dial when I'm not supposed to. He's had the camera on day, and acts like it. Two days it's another story. It even has a screen brightener for sunny days. Any smart person will join their brain with the controls and software of this camera in a week. Watch that video. Here. They pass the job over to some young person, who seems around 16. He'll blow you away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwqhJg19IMQ

  2. Hello help to understand what happened to the camera fujifilm x-a1 arbitrarily turns on and off. I treat carefully did not drop did not hit. Battery changed a new . What could it be?

  3. Damn, this is truly a very very bad review…….Just bashing…… Normally I really do like your reviews and info, but this……..🙈

  4. I don’t get your comment really all I hear is all blah blah blah!! Ugly people? Cheaper people? Woah woah! 🙊🙊🙊

  5. "it's made for people who go for cheaper stuff". My thoughts exactly when looking at who they picked to be presenter! I still wonder about that…

  6. I've an X-T1, X-E2s & X-M1… the M1 is my favourite to use – it's plastic but solid as. Fantastic little camera. I use manual mode a lot and find it great for street photography and landscapes

  7. I would just like to say to anyone that is watching this and can't afford the pro models, it's ok.This guy is a snob and is clearly not thinking about people that want great quality, but don't have the budget for a pro camera. Why be so insulting to people who only have enough to buythis cam? I bet many people even got it second hand. But…a better point is this: 
    One of the world's best paid  photographers shoots with a camera like this. His cam is only 12 mp, it's not even a large sensor and it's over 6 years old! If you have any talent, this camera ( any camera ) will make you shine!, Enjoy your shooting, watch less of these.

  8. Great. I go looking for reviews of the Fuji X-M1 and what do I get?

    A smug, condescending prat trying to be Jeremy Clarkson. And failing.

  9. Stop being a moron and do a proper test. Don't take yourself as photographic geniuses real photographers have respect for all Cameras/ Budgets/….


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