Fitbit Blaze REVIEW!

Fitbit Blaze review. This is an activity tracker, sport watch, heart rate monitor, and smartwatch. It pretty much has most of what the average consumer will want. Note: it does not have GPS built-in…it is ‘GPS enabled’ and will map your run w/ your phone nearby 🙁

The Fit bit Blaze has customizable screens, including different watch faces. You can also load FitStar workouts directly onto the device. Additionally, the Blaze watch has replaceable and interchangeable watch bands, which is pretty cool. I do plenty of Fitbit reviews and this is for sure going to be a popular device given Fitbit’s success. See my other reviews below. Like, the ChargeHR, the fitbit blaze will be on the list for the best activity tracker 2018 / best fitness tracker 2018. Hope you enjoy the video! Also, stay tuned because I believe I’ll be doing a Fitbit Blaze vs. Charge HR video and one for the Fitbit Blaze vs. Surge. We shall see I suppose.

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23 thoughts on “Fitbit Blaze REVIEW!”

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  2. I bought my Fitbit blaze for $30 at a thrift store…. now that I made my comment let's watch the video

  3. I have had it for two years and the assistance has replaced it twice because after 10-11 months the battery dies.
    I like how the application is managed and the level of accuracy of heartbeats. I also have a samsung gear sport that does not have these levels of heartbeat detection accuracy

  4. I bought one , 12 months ago , and noticed while on charge no were near my body it was saying my heart beat was 73 bpm,, in its cradle, and when I bought a polar watch with chest strap , for a quarter of the price that gave a more accurate heart reading , I decided to return the blaze and get my money back , Shame as I did like it ,,, now got a Samsung s3 frontier and love it ,,, thanks Shane ,,, heart beat monitor totally inaccurate on the blaze ,, period

  5. Wow. That cancer joke was the most random, unfunny shit ever. Like my sense of humour is dark but what the hell kind of joke was that? It had no satire or sense in that sentence.

  6. Mine lasted a whole 2 years. Stopped swiping left or right. If you click a screen your stuck until charge. Process repeats. Absolutely disappointed. Throwing mine in the trash. I'll never buy a another fitshit again. It's like Fitbit downloaded a virus into my updated to shut it down so I'll buy a new one. Go fuck yourself fitshit. Never will buy one again.


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