Final Fantasy XV Review

Square’s storied RPG franchise gets its first single-player, numbered entry in seven years. Here’s how it turned out.

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42 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Review”

  1. Pros:
    – big, vast, beautiful world to explore
    – stumbling upon a huge monster in the wild was super cool
    – stylish and fun group attacks and flank attacks
    – a charm exists that you can’t quite put your finger on, but leaves you engaged

    – every side quest is a fetch quest
    – shallow characters that have exactly one personality trait that don’t develop whatsoever
    – incoherent story for the most part with countless facepalming wtf moments
    – childish banter between characters that would seem too immature for a kids show
    – combat is repetitive


  2. I'm so glad y'all are using a 10 point scale without using decimals anymore because that .2 irritated me for some weird reason

  3. As for Jim Carey, a caged and faded dream, right, Penelo? Genoa and it's delileb ministry for dat ❤️ 😁 CORRECT as cloud STRIFE whilst we as harmless and to be held thereas more useful than will-o'-the-wisps Know NOTHING EVER OF this tote tally REMARKABLE S – Force were eventually regarded Thereas. 💯😘

  4. In my opinion,,old heroes in FF series are better than FF XV. The heroes in FF XV looks like boyband and they are driving a car,,not riding chocobos like previous FF Series.

  5. I don't enjoy RPGs that much. Tried getting into Skyrim, Witcher, Outer Worlds, and got bored to hell fast. This one introduced me to Final Fantasy, and became the first RPG series I put my heart into.

  6. Actually, that would be a fair review if the game was out 20 years ago, or if this was the pre-alpha version, or if the devs had a couple of months to compelte the game.

  7. They could complete the story in much better way , but they didn't.
    I hope they will come up with better storyline for Noctis in future.

  8. The dude with the biggest sword also has the biggest mullet and that is just distressing to see. Cloud at least had the decency to trim the back.

  9. Have to thank Ff 15 for the action and combat system that make FF7 Remake that much awesome as compared to the old ff7!!

  10. I was really sceptic about 15 but once I started to play I was hooked. I enjoyed every single bit.

    There's just one thing I don't like or understand.
    Why didn't they take their time to finish the game like they did with 7 remaster now?
    There's so much Story missing. Also the world map isn't finished and some characters were dropped or killed early just to save time.

    What a bummer! Could have been a masterpiece!

  11. I know this game gets kind of a bad rap but I finished it about 2-3 months ago (dlc too) & I have to say…. I absolutely loved this game. I was sooo invested in it & I was super sad when it was over. “For me”, it’s on my top 10 games of all time. Btw, this one my 2nd ff game I’ve ever played. FF7 remake is next on me list

  12. Seeing FF7 Remake is coming out in few more days, makes me think FFXV looked so outdated. It was once a potential ground breaking title after FF7 but since the departed and rebrand (from FF Versus XIII) totally ruined the entire original concept story it supposed to have.

    I tried to love this game but after I platinum-ed XV I never looked back to this game anymore.

  13. So sad to see FF has turned from a real turn based game which you have to be using your head to this smash the joystick action game

  14. This game was pretty amazing! The side quests were tedious at times but if you follow the main storyline it's a blast! so much depth to it.

  15. I play Tekken and i literally hate the sight of Noctis , i'm still picking up this game , i just hope he doesn't scream Oraaa

  16. HISO HISO!

    I have spent 25 hours on Windows Edition through Steam and am on chapter 8 only because I do a lot of side quests. This is truly a great game, despite the input lag on PC. People hate on the story being hard to follow, but if a perfect story isn’t your priority when it comes to games, favoring instead graphics and gameplay, this is truly a wonderful game that you can spend many hours on.

  17. 13/02/2020 – just finish the game, yyy In my opinion is max 7/10 not 8.2/10 U forgot to say side quest are all the same and boring like hell…


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