Far Cry 4 – Review

Kevin visits Kyrat to find out if Far Cry 4 pleases him.

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38 thoughts on “Far Cry 4 – Review”

  1. PATHETIC!! Worst mechanics and shooting I’ve ver played, this is so IGNORANT I find it hard to believe, but I played 5 first, it’s damn good, this can’t be made my the same people I hope…

  2. Reviewing breakpoint:- Why is it so much different from the earlier games like wildlands?
    Reviewing Far Cry 4:- Why is it so similar to it's previous games like Far Cry 3?

  3. IGN says "there is nothing you can say about Far Cry 4 that you can't say about Far Cry 3"…ummm… wrong again IGN!..we all know your company gets paid by "certain "titles…this of course is "allegedly". Let's just say that I picked up Far Cry 4 for $19.99 ..after playing this game I can honestly say that I would pay atleast $30 more..Far Cry 4 is better than FC3 in many ways that you CAN actually compare to the 2 ..you guys are crazy to say FC3 & FC4 are equsl… obviously you didn't play both games 100% thru…I HAVE PLAYED BOTH GAMES!….FC3 I give a 7…FC4 I give a 8.7….better graphics and story are (you need a True 4K HD TV).. better AI and all around missions make FC4 a step up….IGN please stop giving false reviews to true gamers.

  4. Simple, this game is what you make of it. This is an excellent fps and the graphics are awesome for PS3 ! Really fun to play. Like all Far Cry titles .

  5. As soon as I saw the elephant I thought what I load of shit! Sigh … at least I bought it on sale. I think I am better off watching another review.

  6. for ur kind fuckin information , Pegan Min never wanted anything bad to happen to Ajay . moreover, he wanted to see him as the rightful king of kyrat …. the alternate ending in which we are supposed to wait for 15 minutes in the beginning proves that Pegan was pretty damn homely to Ajay …. in fact he would have treated ajay like his own fuckin son…….. so yahh , dont give us these false reviews…

  7. So after watching this video, I have to say, Farcry 4 looks like a massive TC mod for Farcry 3. It didnt look like there was much improvement in animations or graphics. I didnt see a lot in the way of new or modified mechanics. Someone tell me if im wrong… Also, would it be worth spending the 15 bucks to get it on steam sale?

  8. so is this better? because i bought fc2 last week and i dont like it.. when you die you begin all the way back to save.. and loading when you died takes long.. are those two things in this also ?

  9. Finally got around to buying and playing this game. It is fun for awhile then you find the game will not let you progress unless you voluntarily do a mission for two druggies that have taken over your house, then drug you and have you tossed into an Arena hoping you will die, then you visit another drug induced place with a friendly white tiger, but when you get back the game requires you to do a mission for the druggies and will not let you progress.
    Personally I would like to shoot both of them. I certainly will not voluntarily do anything for them.
    So the game is done. The entire south is cleared, all the towers, all the outposts, all the mana wheels, all propaganda posters, both fortresses, etc, etc, but the game is going back to the game store due to the fact I cannot progress without acceptance of drugs and druggies.
    Yea sure it is a game, however I generally play games as I live life, try to be a good character and really do not wish to play with drugs.
    I was looking forward to Far Cry 5, guess not, I am sure it will be drug themed also. Far Cry 3 was drug themed and the endings very lacking in completion as they were taken over by drug induced nonsense.


  10. This review just isn't giving this title enough credit! THIS GAME WAS BAD ASS, unless you're a Nintendo fanboy, and you're afraid of guns. I loved it! The music was absolutely top notch!

  11. He's not there to make you have any trouble, he's there to help you.

    Nice guy, enjoyed his Crab Rangoon. 4/5 stars, would burn down country again. Also this reviewer clearly never played 3 🙂

  12. Jesus, just when I thought this review couldn't get any worse, you go and do something like promote White Genocide. Seriously, making a game that doesn't star white people? You're a racist man. I will not be liking this video and I will be definitely showing up to your office with my Make America Great Again hat on, one love, Ted Cruz aaaaaand send


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