Dumbest US General in History? Custer’s Last Stand

General Custer was a renowned Civil War hero who had as many people singing his praises, as he did calling him a villain. His combination of luck and bravery made him well known, but his arrogance in underestimating his opponent would lead to “Custer’s Last Stand”. Watch today’s amazing video about a war hero who sealed his own fate, and to some, got what he deserved.

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31 thoughts on “Dumbest US General in History? Custer’s Last Stand”

  1. Custer was not incompetent nor an idiot, Reno was not a coward and Benteen did not "betray" his commanding officer. The command was simply overwhelmed by superior numbers.

  2. Katsumoto: Two thousand Indians? How many men for Custer?

    Nathan Algren: Two hundred and eleven.

    Katsumoto: I like this General Custer.

  3. Gotta love how america is built upon the death and genocide of millions of native people. And how the US government has yet to do anything really meaningful for those people save for stop killing them and letting some tribes govern themselves.

  4. not custer, another union general was the dumbest. or another guy who tried to steal George Washington job. they were dumb, custer was just cocky

  5. From Major General to Lieutenant Colonel is a demotion, not a promotion. Maybe you meant he was promoted to Lieutenant General

  6. What the Indians did was tactically brilliant but strategically unwise. It led the US Government to go on a prolonged attrition campaign, from which the plains Indians never really recovered. The world around them was rapidly changing, and their persistence in wanting to cling to their way of life was doomed to fail.
    I think that over time, the Indians are going to get most of their wealth back from the white man gambling it away in their casinos. And, by the way, I'm fine with the idea of selling back Manhattan to them for $24. Maybe they'll make those society ladies grind their corn and serve their braves.🏹🔘🚼🚬🎯🏕️🌽

  7. Do you mean native Americans why do people get that wrong WE ARE NOT FROM INDIA WE’RE FROM AMERICA TOO!!!

  8. And so the locals coined the term "Custerf*ck" ….which has until today remained synonymous with "man made disaster"….

  9. Just like any Officer. Willing to watch their troops die in battle for their own medals and accommodations

  10. It was not a massacre. It was war. The natives women and children were massacred for being peaceful and living in reserve. I will avenge them all.

  11. They didn’t hunt bison for sport. The government literally paid people to slaughter the food source of the Native Americans. It’s part of the economic war.


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