DOOM RAP by JT Music – "Fight Like Hell"

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DOOM Guy goes off dropping bars and slaying demons! Enjoy!

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DOOM Rap by JT Machinima – “Fight Like Hell”
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40 thoughts on “DOOM RAP by JT Music – "Fight Like Hell"”

  1. Hey gamers, friends and fans! Thanks for checking out our raps and music videos. We hope you enjoyed this Doom Rap!! 🙂

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    Skull and Pat

  2. 2:50 The remastered version has subtitles, and it say "Abandon all hope" and I used to think it said "Abandon our world" As in leave it.

  3. I told them one day, I would be the most powerfull being across the dimensions.
    they told me to go to hell. So you know what? I DID.

  4. demons: we own hell

    doom guy: hold my beer

    five seconds and alot of shooting later

    demons: we're sorry

    doom guy: WHO AMI?!

    demons: you are the owner round here

    doom guy: dam right….dont you forget it

  5. My sleep paralysis demon watching me play doom for 8 hours straight: * begins sweating *
    Me: Im coming for u bit*h

  6. WATCHES THE EXORCIST That's not how you get rid of demons.

    PLAYS DOOM Now that's how you get rid of demons.

  7. This kind of ruins doom. Doom is supposed to be about heavy-metal and everything else but if you make a rap song about doom that just ruins the whole affect what the fuck were you thinking😡😡😡😡


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