BOOM BOOM BALLOON Game Review by EvanTubeHD & Family

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Today we are looking at the game we got from KittiesMama for our YouTube Holiday Gift Exchange:

Spin Master Boom Boom Balloon Game
The Spin Master Boom Boom Balloon Game will have you bursting with anticipation as you push in the sticks to see who will make the balloon pop! Roll the die to see how many sticks you need to click before your turn is over, and watch as the balloon changes shape and gets closer and closer to bursting.
Product Highlights

Roll the die and push, or “click,” a stick for each number rolled into the balloon
The first person to pop the balloon loses
Comes with 12 balloons, 10 sticks, a die and an easy-to-assemble frame

What’s Included

Balloon frame
12 balloons
10 sticks

Royalty Free Music by
Sound Effects by


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