BEST SUPERMAN GAME? – NEW Open World Superhero Game – Undefeated – Free Demo Showcase

A new open world superhero game, made by only THREE FRIGGIN’ STUDENTS, looks to be the best superman game ever made… Introducing UNDEFEATED.


This is merely a demo and whether or not the creators do anything more with this game, we can all agree that what they’ve created so far is pretty magnificent. Imagine if they had the resources and backing of a full-grown company… dayum…

Download and try out this free demo on steam below!:

And show the developers some love and support on their Twitter!:


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36 thoughts on “BEST SUPERMAN GAME? – NEW Open World Superhero Game – Undefeated – Free Demo Showcase”

  1. Ya know? It could either be a lead for an awesome superman game. Or creating your own Superman knockoff. Like Sentry or Icon or Blue Marvel. X3

  2. WB games needs to buy this and turn it into an actual superman game. It has some real potential to be the first good superman game.

  3. 3 people can do this and put Superman 64 to shame and other Superman games. Using the rings i saw looks better in this. Put a cape and tights on him and change back and forth at will, add Daily Planet, bit more detail and side missions, name him Clark Kent and add remaining powers, etc and this WOULD be the best Superman game open world game. Get these people to change this to Superman: The Quest or cool title. It should be for PS5 though and very long game.

  4. See… there’s literally no excuse for not having a good Superman game available at this point in time. 2020+ should have a fantastic roster of Superman games or franchise by now. If devs are still scratching their moronic heads, maybe just hire these 3 students and gibe the, access to all the wasted advantages and resources they have. Big sigh.

  5. NO NO NO GOD PLEASE NO NOOOOO… reminds me of justice league games from the original x box give us a dam story like Arkham city you tarts

  6. Simplesmente perfeito! Acabo de baixar na steam! Espero que possam dar continuidade, e que um dia tenha uma versão em português! ^_^

  7. Just 3 students?
    DC! Why can't u make a good superman or the flash game????
    Hired the students. We need a good game


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