7 Controversial FPS Games You Probably Never Heard Of!

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The gaming industry has always been rife with controversy right back through to its early inception with games like Custer’s Revenge and Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em. Throughout the years there’s been plenty of drama around games in the FPS genre as well. I can remember the scorn Wolfenstein 3D got for its portrayal of violence and Nazi themes, similarly with Doom the amount of graphic violence was practically unprecedented at the time and soccer mums and people who generally don’t know shit about it, used to love complaining about it.

Controversy was also thick with games like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior again due to their violence, but also the sexual content and questionable political correctness, despite the fact those games are blatantly tongue in cheek.

But chances are you probably know about them already, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some controversial games most folks might not have heard about. For the sake of all involved let’s leave the politics out of the whole thing and just go into it with an open mind.

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33 thoughts on “7 Controversial FPS Games You Probably Never Heard Of!”

  1. There's two major differences between the game which are Fun and Playable and those which are utter trash. Portrayed intent, and production quality. Acceptable satire shows that it's satire, meaning everything's dramatized way out of proportion. Such games advertise, both subtly and not, that they aren't meant to be taken seriously. These games also show actual effort in their construction and an intended mood and feel. I think it's worth at least seeing if such games aim for such ambitions when they appear. But in truth, most are just political or self-interested trash like the majority on this list.

  2. it felt so right seeing you turn upward when you were burning and then cutting off the clip.
    Its one of the game habits i never questioned till now.

  3. I remember playing these games when I was young. And because of at the time we did not see awesome graphics and as kid everything seems real. Some older 3d games, like the ww games, they looked so realistic to me, down to little details, and when I went back to play some recently, well they lack content and they look like shit. It's crazy to think that when I younger these games looked so realistic

  4. They are not as controversial as they just plainly horribly racist. Postal 2 should not even be on that list and I hate the game.

  5. Meany people in the comments are if jfk reloaded is offensive because it’s based on a real person than any historical setting with violence is offensive particularly ww2 games difference ones a war were you kill enemy soldiers because they will kill you very few times does any historical game ask the player to kill a historical real person it’s like saying a soldier fighting for his life, his fellow soldiers and nation is the same as a school shooter.

  6. It would be really funny if there was an enemy in these games that shouted "THIS IS FOUR MUD!" at you 😂

  7. Postal 2 is well good, it was the second game I ever bought, I was very young and was lucky my mum didn't find it

  8. "I'm able to play games like this and not take them too seriously" lmao says the guy that got triggered by JFKs head exploding


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