【 PERSONA 4 GOLDEN 】 SCHOOL TRIP!~ | BLIND Gameplay Walkthrough | Part 37

【 PERSONA 4 GOLDEN – Live Blind Gameplay Walkthrough 】
Persona 4 Golden! This will be our second Persona game after finishing the fantastic Persona 5. We’re super excited to be playing this for the very first time! (Totally late to the party)

Persona 4 Golden Playlist:

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28 thoughts on “【 PERSONA 4 GOLDEN 】 SCHOOL TRIP!~ | BLIND Gameplay Walkthrough | Part 37”

  1. 33:19
    Naoto turns me more bi every time I see him and he’s so fucking adorable. He’s embarrassed that someone wants to hang out with him.

  2. Looking forward for them playing Persona 3, you guys can play it On the PS3 just for $20 if you guys don’t know.

  3. Awww what's bad about playing persona games in reverse order if the fact that you won't be able to get the easter eggs. Like going to tatsumi port island or the hotel.

  4. P3 is my fav, Imo they should do P3 Fes, Cause P3P has no cutscenes and not good for a blind LP imo, P3 Fes = cutscenes but you can't control your party, P3P = you can control party but no cutscenes tho, So you pick cutscenes over controlling party Or Controlling party but with just screenshots with no animation at all

  5. While I prefer P5 overall over P4, P4 just has so many unforgettable scenes with the team. Drunk Rise and Yukiko kill me everytime.


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